And They Say That Flirting Was Dangerous... [IM RP Log]

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And They Say That Flirting Was Dangerous... [IM RP Log]

Post  Reese Morgan on Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:41 pm

Characters: Ethan Cassidy and Reese Morgan
When: the night after the two first meet
Where: By the water, at a local cafe
Summary: Reese follows up on Ethan's offer to call him...which leads to an 'fun' night for the Arcane Protector and the Abjurer.

By the water, at a local cafe
Seattle, WA

Reese Morgan: Reese had been busy with going to Cameo Island that morning that she made it back to Seattle by mid afternoon. She was sitting outside of the same cafe that she met Ethan the night before. Her hands looked a little better after being bandaged up and this time, she was wearing a pair of jeans that were torn at the knees and a long sleeved tunic sweater and her converse sneakers. Out of a whim, she scrolled down her contacts on her iPhone and dialed a number.

Ethan Cassidy: The shine of sweat coated his upper torso as the days dying sun touched his skin. He had gone for a run. Just to take his mind from a number of different thought. His dark green eyes wore their normal shade as he continued to jog down along the water. Each long stride separating him farther from his thoughts and calming him wasn’t really working. The thoughts of his could not escape his mind. Damnit, Damnit, Damnit. His phone jingled softly in his mesh short pocket. He scooped out the small electronic device with a frown. He had to slow down to read the number on the outside of black flip phone. Small droplets of beaded sweat curled off of his bare chest and raced down his lightly tanned chest. A pair of black mesh shorts hung off of his hips and ended past his knees. It was her. He only knew that because every other number in his phone had little ranks before them…but her number was still that a number. Too answer...Nah...he let his voicemail connect."This is Sergeant Ethan Cassidy, leave a message at the beep. Beep"

Reese Morgan: Reese listened to the voicemail greeting and her eyes widened a little. Ethan was a Sergeant? Who would have known as the beep rang in her ear. "Hi, it's Reese Morgan, we met last night. I was the girl that skinned her palms up. I was wondering if you wanted to go for drinks or air down and have dinner with me. You can call me back when you get this. Bye," she said in the voicemail before she hung up.

Ethan Cassidy: He saw it click off after about a minute or so, and let a smile crack his face."I guess I do have some good qualities," he commented as he flipped the phone open. His fingers dashed across the keys. A smile cresting his lips. He let fly the text message as he hit send. And once more deposited the phone back into his pocket. Realizing that time was short, he shifted his feet in the sand and turned back the way he came. He didn't know whether it was still the exertion from running or the text, but his heart began to race as he took off back toward the small house he rented...The text read: I'll meet you at 'our' spot...and bring some comfortable shoes.

Reese Morgan: Reese heard her phone beep with a new text. She read it real quick and smiled. She was already dressed comfortably and was at their meeting place. she quickly texted back stating that and eagerly waited for Ethan to show up while she was waiting, she ordered some water, making sure to be able to eat later with Ethan.

Ethan Cassidy: The door swung open upon his entry, and slammed shut as he hustled deeper into the single story home. It was rented from a friend of his for the time being; his friend still overseas and not really needing much of the home. The shower was yanked on, and his clothes were more projectiles as they flew across the house. Shorts landing on a leather couch in the living room dominated by a 50in flat screen television. His shoes were kicked off along with his shorts as he hurried to get naked. He leapt into the water, as his socks touched the ground. Soap lathered against his skin, and then the steam of the shower masked the form of his body as he hurried for their date.

Reese Morgan: Reese was playing games on her iPhone as she waited. She was glad to bring the sweater in case it got cold but she had a feeling that she might not need it, since she was wearing a skinny stapled tank top underneath.

Ethan Cassidy: "Excuse me, dear, but may I sit here?" It was a soft, and yet bore the confidence of someone who had seen his share. His lips were but a few inches from her ear as he spoke. Being so distracted by her phone that she had hardly noticed his approach. He stood there in a pair of dark blue jeans, cut at the knees. A loose T-shirt hung off his shoulders. It was black with the words disturbed written across the chest in long red letters. A pair of leather sandals was hidden beneath the boot cut bottoms of his jeans. It the end twilight of the day a twinkle sparked from his dog tags, more obvious in the day then hidden under his sweatshirt. His hair short in a fade cut was added by a pair of black sunglasses that hid his dark green eyes. The edge of his lips twisted upward in a smile as continued to just gaze on her pretty face. "I see you got my message," his voice still confident and attention firmly upon her.

Reese Morgan: Reese nodded her head as she smiled back at Ethan. For some reason, she seemed to be more of a shy girl back in her college days than a semi-confident Arcane Protector. "Had to help out a friend out in Cameo Island this morning, so jeans and sneakers were required."

Ethan Cassidy: "Well, good thing for me then," he said as he continued to meet her gaze with his own hidden eyes. The edge of his lips twisted into a grin. "Now, ready for our date?" He rose to his full height. The glow of the dying sun adding another highlight to his face and casting shadows across his bare arms as he extended a hand toward her.

Reese Morgan: Reese's smile grew as she nodded her head. She grasped his hand with hers after placing her iPhone in the slot on her wristlet."I gotta say--if it were a different shirt you were wearing, I'd take ya as the kind that would wear preppy clothes," She said, liking his current choice of clothes. When it cane with guys and clothes, a more relaxed approach was better on a guy than if he had to change his clothes choice to fit in.

Ethan Cassidy: "Well, I guess there are many things that you do not know about me...," He let the offer rise into the air and pulled her towards him before she could answer. Not realizing his own strength, he pulled her from her seat and up against his chest. The romantic moment lasted a fear heart beats, but it seemed to last forever. Their eyes were but a few inches separated their lips even less. His larger heart thumping strongly inside his strong chest... but it matched the quickened pace of her heart as their body's met. He cradled her fingers in his stronger digits and with a soft smile...he... well he lost words for a moment...And then with a solemn nod, he pulls away. Still with her scent now in his mind, his fingers led her away from the coffee cafe. Away from the throng people who started their late nights. And from what it seemed. Away from the light.

Reese Morgan: Reese was pulled up and against Ethan’s toned out body, holding a breath and making sure she didn't turn into a puddle of goo. Her heart was racing as the moment lasted for a few seconds...but felt longer in her mind. She allowed the dark-haired Adonis--what, she was allowed to give him that title--take her away from the coffee café

Ethan Cassidy: The night's tendrils crept across the sky slowly, but the street lamps snapped on pro-actively. Their powerful little bulbs of light glowing the streets and shops with a harsh white glow. It kept people safe from the dangerous people in the night. Too bad for her, that the area that Ethan was leading them contained no lamps. No street lights or even small window lights. It was dark. And with each passing step it was getting darker. Yet, he squeezed her hand with a reassuring grip as he led her deeper into the city. The destination unknown and unspoken.

Reese Morgan: Reese had no clue where Ethan was taking her, but felt safe knowing that she was with someone that would look out for her well being...then again, she had done her fair share of fighting back. She did have a couple of knives hidden at the waistband of her jeans and she knew CQC as well.

Ethan Cassidy: She might have felt secure on the inside, and her lips were set in a friendly smile. But, the way her hand gripped his only hinted at how he knew she must be a little concerned for their direction. The crowd, the people had disappeared along with the light. Like a soft warning beacon in the sky was the white glowing moon. Full and splendid in the early night but still there none the less. He led her into a near alleyway. Cold shadows chased down his bare forearms. And he squeezed her hand a bit harder. But, as he led her into the darkness he pulled her close once more. This time it was both arms that wrapped around her waist. The strength of his corded muscles could be felt along her shoulders as he leaned closer. "Ready to make good on that comment you made the other night?" He asked as he leaned closer and whispered across her cheek.

Reese Morgan: Reese was starting to get real nervous, not sure if she should break her facade and pull out her knives if this were to get ugly. Her heart rate was speeding in her chest as she felt Ethan's arms wrap around her waist, feeling one of the knives tucked into her waistband starting to dig into her skin. She gulped as she was fumbling with a response. She usually was good with being in a dark alley, but this was just...well, scarier than she liked it to be. "Remind me what it was again," Reese asked as her voice cracked slightly.

Ethan Cassidy: "Well, that you can handle yourself...," He teased for a heart beat. Another. And then another. His grin was large, but his eyes were still normal beneath the sunglasses that he wore. But, the sinister masquerade ended as he placed his lips to the side of her head. It wasn't a kiss. It was more of a peck. His demeanor changed back to the smiling, and cool confident man that he was as he once more took her hand and led her down the alley. A light appeared. And then the wondrous smells of alcohol, sweat, and hope. It was a club entrance. A pair of steps lead down to a harsh yellow light that was the entrance to this hidden place. He slowed down long enough to hand the large man who headed security a Benjamin before leading her down the steps and into the shadowy dance club.

Reese Morgan: Reese left out a sigh of relief when she felt Ethan's smile against her skin. For a second, she had feared the worst--but it was just to see how she'd what? That was answered when Ethan led her to a club. Now, this was more up her alley. She smiled as she followed Ethan down the steps and inside the club. Reese was fairly surprised at the size of the crowd in the club. Normally, she would prefer being in dressier clothing, but what she had on would have to do.

Ethan Cassidy: The music assaulted them both before he could speak to her anything useful. The music was more toward his genre. Metal, and rock music shook the small bar and dance floor area. Sub-woofers rocked the ground, and speakers drowned out voices. The dance floor was crowded with men and women in a crowded frenzy of hands and bodies. At moments it seemed like it was a single entity, moving in sequence. And others, it was many different moving parts with no purpose or direction. Just the mashing of the music from the band atop of the large stage before the dance floor. While, behind the dance floor was a large rectangular bar area. Drinks were served by both men and woman in black and red t-shirts. These were metal band Ts, more worn for their taste than for what they showed. It left a small area behind the bar with a number of tables and chairs for those who were a bit winded from the dancing melee, or just would rather be alone for some time. A few loose souls rested at raised stools and drank their drinks. Ethan with a smile on his face gazed toward the dancing mess. In the throng of moving individuals it would be hard to tell one from the other..."Still feeling confident," he shouted as he led her onward.

Reese Morgan: Reese looked over at Ethan with a grin on her face and her eyes glistened with an air of 'party girl' in them. "You bet," she shouted back as she looked around to put her discarded sweater at when she removed it, to reveal the tank top she wore underneath. The tank top stopped just above her belly button, where a belly button ring can be seen in the appearance of a pentacle on one end of the boy piercing Grabbing at a hair tie from one of her wrists, she used it to tie back her hair into a messy bun, with some strands sticking out from it. Once that was done, she felt a little bit more freely to move about on the dance floor.

Ethan Cassidy: The throng of bodies offered an opening and Ethan took the advantage. He plunged into the crowd. It was almost like swimming in a sea of grasping hands and outstretched feet. Good thing for Reese, he was well trained in navigating through dangerous terrain. He steered her onward deeper and deeper into the mass, until they reached the center of the dance floor. Sweat was already beading at his brow and made his fingers grow a bit wet... but it did not stop him from slipping his fingers into her own hand. Their fingers linked in unison as he turned to face her. The black sunglasses still hid his gaze, even as the room's soft flashing lights strobe across their flesh. It was like watching each moment in frozen time. He would see a smile. Flash. He would see her smile shift. Flash. A breath. Flash. Her pretty eyes. Flash. He smiled wide, and offered her his other hand. And waited for her to show him how 'good' she really was.

Reese Morgan: Reese grinned as she allowed the music to guide her into a rhythm. The flashing lights made her appear more exotic as she moved with the music. She wouldn't tell anyone, but she'd been to a few rock/metal concerts to know how to dance if any rock or metal music were played in a regular dance club. However, she really wanted to see Ethan's eyes without the sunglasses covering was the kind of green coloring that really got her interest up the most...she was an eyes and...Well, Ethan felt very muscular of the couple times she was pressed against his body, so she knew that she had hit the jackpot of what she was attracted into in a guy. She even got into the mood to follow a couple verses of the song as she continued to dance.

Ethan Cassidy: The constant roll of the drums brought out another side of Ethan. It was a primeval side of the normal stoic and calm man. Each added light seemed to give him even more confidence as his right hand moved from her hand to her hip. Each finger pressed softly to her bare skin and rubbed slowly upward a couple of inches. It was just enough to grab her attention. The fingers of his left hand slide up and withdrew the sunglasses to reveal the green orbs of eyes. And they were locked upon her own pretty face. Hiding the glasses away in his back pocket, as his own hips hit the beat of the thrashing guitars and screaming vocals. He took a step closer toward her. The bare space between them dying as his head leaned in. The noise was extreme. Body heat made the room seem unbearably hot... but the gaze of his green eyes was calm and welcoming in a sea of constant moving. He spoke to her. But, in the confusion of sound it was a whisper in a tornado. "Is that the best you've got?"

Reese Morgan: Reese only smiled as she turned around so that she had her back to his front and swayed her hips dangerously close to his. She looked over her shoulder and gave one of the most heart melting grins she could give to a guy. "Believe haven't seen anything yet," Reese replied back, rolling her hips to the beat.

Ethan Cassidy: It had to be the heat, or the music, because thoughts began to raise through his mind that were no exactly G-rated. That, and Reese was beginning to out step Ethan in this little game of cat and mouse. That was not allowed. The grin on his lips grew as they parted to reveal a few teeth. With her back to him, he eased his right hand from her hip to her stomach. But it was not a quick changing of hands. He slid each finger over finger across his soft and strong skin. Pressing and rubbing with every passing inch. With his hand held across her stomach, he eased her back a step. The distance between them closed but not enough for them to touch, not yet. His lips leaned across her shoulder as he let a soft breath fall across her right ear. It seemed he was going to speak. And, yet words never left his lips. Instead he eased her back another stop. Placing her nice firm butt against the muscle of his thigh and resting the top of her spine in contact with his chest.

Reese Morgan: Reese had to bite back a moan as she was pressed against his thigh. Now, she had to think two steps ahead of what he was planning on doing. Damn...her mind was littered with thoughts of the sexual kind. But, she willed her body to continue on this game of seduction as she danced, one of her hands went upward, skimming her breast and looping around Ethan's neck. Her other hand went to grasp at Ethan's arm lightly as she got more into the beat of the music, drowning her body into dancing more.

Ethan Cassidy: He felt the flush in his skin move up to his face. It was lucky for him that the constant flashing lights hid the view from Reese and the crowd. But, he did back away from such teasing. He pressed on. Leaning against her skin more, his hand pressed against the muscle of her stomach. The feel of her warm skin sent shivers up his spine and brought a smile to his lips. It had been a long deployment. Even longer still since he had been this close to a female. Ethan did not plan on wasting this time. This moment. Reese. The digits of his left hand took this moment to remind her that they were there too. Her bare shoulders became the object of their attention. Each nail from the tips of his fingers traced slow and gentle lines down her bare arms. Just enough to touch, and yet not enough to rub. They were just whispers across her soft skin.

Reese Morgan: Reese couldn't help the groan that escaped her lips as she closed her eyes, feeling the shiver from Ethan's ghost touch running up and down her spine. There was NO way she was going to give in. So, she had to step up her game. She swayed/danced down Ethan's leg a bit before she danced back up, making sure to press her backside on his thigh a bit. She then let the hand grasping Ethan's arm trail light touches from her fingers down to his own and interlocked their fingers together, just as the other hand scrapped at his scalp lightly.

Ethan Cassidy: "Oh really?" It was more of a breath of release than a fully-functional and logical statement. Had he been on the outside looking at himself... Even he would have been confused at the statement. But still it had escaped his lips. And with his lips separated, he moved them against the back of her neck. A pinch. His teeth biting playfully at the skin that connects her shoulders to her neck. He tugged upon her skin, before releasing it. A red outline of his teeth fading slowly in the constant flashes of the dance floor. The feeling of her fingertips in his hair caused his shoulders to nearly melt from her touch. And the fact that his hair was so short made it that much easier for her fingers to rub into his scalp. In turn he gripped her hand tighter and pulled her all that much closer together. Their bodies melting together.

Reese Morgan: Reese had to bite back another groan as she felt Ethan nip at where her shoulder met her neck. If he kept it up, she might just do him on the dance floor. She then turned around so that she was facing him again; the hand that was intertwined with Ethan's was now grasping the back of his neck while the other still kept at running through his hair.

Ethan Cassidy: And yet, he winked at her with a soft smile. Pulling away so that a gap appeared between the two of them. It increased his heart beat a tap. The anticipation and the longing. His body wanted to feel her heart beat close to its own. It needed it... And if he needed it, he could bet that she did too... His green gazed toward her. His mind, always moving into the military mindset after being in danger for so long, swept the area and faces for danger. And came to a realization. That there were many good looking women once the dance floor. Some with great bodies and others with beaming smiles. Hell, there were even more attractive guys then Ethan. Many who Reese would easily being able to spend just as much fun with... ...But she was here with me, he thought, just me. His right hand extended slowly toward her palm up in an open gesture.

Reese Morgan: Reese's sharp observation caught onto something in Ethan's green eyes...was it hesitation and doubt? She blew caution into the wind as she used the back on the back of Ethan's neck to pull his head closer to hers, leaning forward slightly for a small kiss.

Ethan Cassidy: Well, it seemed that Reese was ready to show some of her cards. Ethan let a soft sigh escape his lips after their lips parted. He pulled back only a hands breath away from her lips and drank deep of her beautiful eyes. They spoke of hope and understanding... And right now that was what he needed. Hope. Her lips tremble and it could have been the cutest thing he had ever seen with his green eyes as his open hand slipped up to her chin. He arched her head up softly, and then returned her the favor with a soft embrace of their twin red lines. And in the center of the dance floor, amongst the throng of people who were busy about their own business to notice anyone else. Reese and Ethan kissed. Uncaring of the world around the outside of their embrace.

Reese Morgan: After a few moments, Reese pulls back, her mind completely flustered by the kiss in itself. Well, that was interesting, seeing that it had been bugging her ever since she met up with Ethan earlier that evening. "You wanna get out of here?" she asked, not even sure what might happen next, but she was going to enjoy herself for once.

Ethan Cassidy: "And where did you have in mind?" The music had entered an intermission and with it, the crowd began a slow mob towards the waiting bar tenders. Drinks of colors and different shapes were exchanged for bills and soon the loud crashing of cymbals was replaced by laughter and voices. A quick glance at his watch told him that the night was still young, and the kiss had caused the adrenaline to rush into his blood like water through a damn. His heart was slowing as he smiled toward her lips. It was a cool and confident smile... or did it hide what his true intentions were? It would be up to her to find out.

Reese Morgan: Reese only smiled as she grabbed a hold of Ethan's hand and led him over to where she left her sweater and led Ethan out of the bar/club. Once the two made it back into the city lights and all, she pulled out her keys to her apartment building and led Ethan to a spacious apartment building not far from Pike Street Market. Getting the door to open was a task in itself, for she just wanted to get back into her apartment and have her way with Ethan at this second. She had NO idea what was getting her all wound up like this, but she wasn't complaining one bit.

Ethan Cassidy: The door eased open, but he would not release her hand nor let her inside. A few eyes of passerbyers gazed towards them, only the small lights on the outside of the building casting even a ghost of a light on them. And, yet it was the shadow of his larger form that hid her from prying eyes. Simple orbs cut the few inches across the distance and met in quiet. Their bodies were separated from each other in contact... but they could tell the thoughts of the other. The quick beat of the other's heart. The want. The need. His right hand reached up and flicked her button lip softly and smiled in turn. She was beautiful. Gracious and holy night had only bathed Reese in dazzling light. The way the shadow brought out her sparkling eyes was breath taking. He leaned in a placed a kiss against her forehead, before his left hand slid around her waist and pulled her close. Their bodies connecting once more.

Reese Morgan: Reese's smile only grew as she led Ethan to her apartment, which was a loft at the top. "This is all me," she said as she placed the keys to her apartment in the hook next to the door along where she had her keys to her 2008 Suzuki bike and 2005 Toyota Rav4. The loft was very spacious, with minimal decorating, but had a serene feel to those that were a guest to the place.

Ethan Cassidy: "Nice place. Normally it would take a little more than a few dance moves and cute words to get this far...," He laughed as he followed her inside. "But, I have to ask,” He continued as stood a few feet behind her. "What are your plans, Sexy?" His sunglasses eased out of the back of his pocket and he placed them next to her keys as his lips split open to reveal his teeth. There was a little lighter inside and for the first time was she able to see his full face. The short and clean cut nature of his military fade. His red lips grinning to reveal his teeth. In particular the two canine teeth were a bit larger than the rest of his teeth... almost predatory. But, the hard cuts of his face from living in a harsh environment made his cheeks seem even sadder like he bore the weight on his shoulders every hour of the day, and yet the smile did not disappear. Instead his green orbs gazed upon her eyes, waiting for her. Waiting for her to tell him. Waiting with a racing heart.

Reese Morgan: Reese took the time to study Ethan in the lighting of her apartment for the first time. Ethan looked so...sad, yet that didn't stop him from his charm and his oozing confident be stopped by that. Stepping forward, she cupped the side of his face with one of her hands, her thumb caressing his cheek bone softly. Leaning up on her tippy-toes, she kissed Ethan softly. Her tongue swiped at Ethan's bottom lip lightly and teasingly.

Ethan Cassidy: "Well, if that is your wish...Reeeeeeeeese," her name eased from his lips like a gentle moan as his right fingertips traced along the soft skin of her neck and tilted her head up. To say that their kiss was soft and gentle was true. It was a test. A chance to feel out the waters between the two of them. And in the context of the club and the dance floor, it was perfect. The kiss that met her lips was not as gentle. It was not a test. His lips crushed against her own red lines in a passionate embrace. They met and in that span of a few seconds there was no difference between where her mouth began and his ended. But it did not simply end there. His other hand extended along her waist as he eased her back a step, and then two. Her shoulders pressing against a wall as their bodies once more melted against one another. In the light of her room it was beautiful, quiet, and amazing. At least those were the soft words for their embrace when it began...

Reese Morgan: She moaned into the kiss as her hands wrapped behind Ethan's head, yanking at his short hair hard. Once she was against the wall, her hands grabbed at the hem of his shirt, trying to yank it off Reese was too into the moment to really care if she was going to regret this in the morning, but right now...she needed this so badly it was burning at the core.

Ethan Cassidy: He did not struggle to keep the loose black 'disturbed' shirt from being pulled off and over his head. It just meant that their passionate embrace had to be interrupted for several seconds as it was pulled over his head. If she could pull her lips from his own long enough she would see what his torso really looked like. His chest was chiseled for the most part. The years spent in constant training had made him a well-oiled machined and it showed. Dangling loosely between his pecks were his silver dog tags. Stamped into the metal were his information. They were covered in a black rubber material to keep them quiet as they clanged against each other. And yet it was hard not to notice the loose scars that hung across his stomach. Several cuts zigzagged across his abs. It was a story for another time. Along with several more such scars that covered his back. But, in the good there was an American flag tattooed across his right shoulder and the most extreme was that his left nipple was pierced with a single hoop ring. But that too was a story for another time.

Reese Morgan: Once getting his shirt off, Reese took the time to admire Ethan's chiseled torso. She ran one of her hands along a couple of his scars. She ran her tongue along her lower lip as she saw that he had a nipple, she was going to enjoy herself all right Biting on her lower lip, she looked up at Ethan before she ran her nails along his sides ever so gently. She leaned forward to capture his bottom lip in hers.

Ethan Cassidy: Her lips plucked at his lower lip, and Ethan knew that this was only going to get better. She was sending shivers down his spine with each brush of her fingertips along his bare skin. She was teasing him... if only she knew what she was getting herself into...: The corners of his fingers were quick and decisive. It’s the result of being able to change a weapon magazine in three seconds and while under fire. It meant that her sweat was discarded across the room before she could blink. The cool night air touched to her skin and was meant that his harder and warmer skin melted against her creamier touch. He smiled as his other hand slid upon behind her head and his fingers slid into her hair. The tips of his digits massaging her head up and down.

Reese Morgan: Reese's fingers ran slowly over to his navel and went lower to the waistband of his jeans. Smirking into the kiss, she managed to flip Ethan over so that he was the one against the wall and began to tease at the nipple ring with the tip of her tongue. Her fingers ended up curling through the belt loops on Ethan’s jeans, pulling him closer to her body. She took pleasure of teasing that nipple ring as her fingers swiped at the ripples of his abdomen.

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Re: And They Say That Flirting Was Dangerous... [IM RP Log]

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Ethan Cassidy: He leaned past her lips and instead breathed in her rich perfume. It had mixed with the droplets of sweat and her own true smell. He was intoxicated by its aroma. Far more powerful than any drug that he had ever knew of... A part of his mind tried to urge him to stop this and that he should be thinking harder. Unfortunately... That voice was getting smothered behind the voice that was screaming that this was the best idea. That this is what he really needed more than anything after being away from the world for so long. A woman. A great woman. A hug. An embrace, a kiss. A day of making out. A good massage. Hell, a good Fuck. Didn't he deserve that? Wasn't he worth that? She teased his chest and began to play with his belt loop. His legs spread as he leaned heavily against the wall and pulled her tighter against his body. Breath began to escape from his lips in larger and deeper breathes. His lips pressed along the side of her neck and he kissed. A soft couple of pecks. The very edge of his lips brushing her neck at first. And then he pressed harder. And then his lips suckled along her neck. A small red mark appearing on her skin. It did not last long... Well, at least he couldn't see it... Especially when he bit into her flesh playfully with his large canines.

Reese Morgan: Reese moved so that she could remove her tank top, leaving her topless and braless before she continued her ministrations of taking care of the non-pierced nipple, her hands slowly undoing the button of his jeans and unzipping the zipper slowly. She tugged at the nipple with her teeth as she finished undoing the zipper.

Ethan Cassidy: But he did not let her finish. With his jeans half-way unzipped, he pushed from the wall so that they were more toward the center of the room. They seemed to be more of a dance. His eyes gazed upon her own pretty orbs, even though his mind wanted to look down at her beautiful chest. But, that would be giving into the temptation... not quite yet. This game had just gone into extra innings. Out of the corner of is eyes he caught sight of the light red bite mark on her neck. It brought a grin to his lips. "I guess I am kind of an animal..." He approached her slowly, his smiling growing as he bore his teeth. Each word was a little wilder than the last. "And what are you dear?"

Reese Morgan: Reese smiled as she danced her fingers up to where the dog tags were sitting. She took hold of them and tugged on them gently. "Guess you have to find out..." Reese said as she turned on her heel, pulling off her converses and jeans as she walked over to where her bed was located. The last thing she did was pull her hair loose from the messy bun look to have it cascade it to her mid-back. Once she shook her hair loose, she looked back at Ethan and beckoned him over to her with a curl of a finger.

Ethan Cassidy: For a while he just stood there and watched her. His mind was a fire of emotions. Some good, some bad. Many of them indescribable. Just a mess of colors in a dark world. She was so beautiful, so inviting to him... The way she had pulled his tags had been more than just words. It was an opening. It spoke to him more than a book could have explained it. And then she had undressed before him like it was nothing... It seemed that a female who he had met in a day was now undressed before him and offering him her bed... So many different choices ran through his mind. Places he could go, or excuses he could make... Part of him even considered just running out without another word...But, he was a soldier. He was an NCO. He was a leader of men. He was a protector of this great country. And he held to himself the ARMY values... what did they mean to him? What did they say that he should do? In his mind time seemed to slow down as his thoughts tried to persuade him to not approach her, to not give in, to not do what his heart beckoned him to do. When in reality the time was quick. And it had not even been a hesitation. He slowly moved towards her waiting form with a growing smile on his face. His voice was full of the confidence that had been that kneeling form before that first time they met. "...I guess you will have to show me..."

Reese Morgan: Reese only smiled as she leaned up to kiss Ethan passionately, not sparing any tenderness at it. She managed to try and finish undressing Ethan...but then pulled back to slowly leave a trail of kisses, licks, and nips down from his jaw line to his ear, down his neck to his Adam's apple...all very slowly, nonetheless

Ethan Cassidy: His fingertips eased down to grasp at her neck and to stop her slowly descending lips. He shook his head slowly as his jeans finally fell to the floor. It left only a pair of boxers to hide his manhood. Even if it was easily pitching a nice tent in the black material already. He lifted her chin to gaze into his eyes. They glowed a soft and almost light green as he spoke. "Who says its going to be that easy, m'dear?"

Reese Morgan: Reese looked up to see Ethan's eyes glowing an almost pale green coloring...hers were probably already a deep brown coloring or even a pale amber brown...who knows? She bit her bottom lip as she allowed her eyes to drink in all of Ethan's toned, muscled physique in a slow drag of her gaze.

Ethan Cassidy: Fingertips eased around the back of her neck to draw her lips to his once more. His tongue slid softly past her lips and danced against her pink appendage. And for the first time, he tasted her. The sweet way her lips and tongue felt against his lips and inside his own mouth. Slowly he closed his eyes. Unaware his eyes shown brightly as his heart raced faster... and faster... His off hand slipped up along her soft body and eased in a gentle line. With the tip of his nail, he easily brushed the pink nipple of her breast.

Reese Morgan: Reese couldn't help but moan as Ethan's tongue started to dance with hers. She felt her nipple being brushed and moaned even louder. She couldn't help as she allowed herself to just fall into the depths of foreplay.

Ethan Cassidy: His soft fingertips brush became two fingertips. They pinched and pulled upon her nipple. Slowly they would squeeze... and then they would pull hard. And yet, he could not just go easy and sweet on her. Not so early at least. He broke the connection of their kiss and pull at her lower lip. He pulled and suckled on her pretty red line, before releasing it slowly. His soft eyes opened once more as he gazed deeply into her own beautiful orbs, with a soft smile on his lips.

Reese Morgan: "Has anyone told you that you can be such a tease when you want to be?" Reese asked--no, more like breathed out as she slowly opened her eyes, probably dilated from the lust that was slowly emerging her heart rate was pumping really fast against her ribcage, her desire for Ethan clearly seen by the way her breathing was now.

Ethan Cassidy: "I might have heard that once more twice..." His lips once more touched to the nape of her neck. And yet, he eased off a bit. They were softer and softer. Lighter and lighter, until he was hardly brushing her neck with his lips "But then again, if it were easy, you wouldn't enjoy it..." He breathed warm gusts of air across her flesh as his fingers slipped around the full mass of her breast and squeezed. Opened his hand, and then squeezed. Drinking in the sounds that were her moans.

Reese Morgan: Reese moaned as her head rolled back, revealing more of her neck to Ethan. Her hands snaked down Ethan's chest to where his hipbones were defined by hard muscle and grasped at it gently. "No denying that," Reese breathed out, letting out a long, drawn-out sigh as her thumbs slipped underneath the waistband of Ethan's boxers.

Ethan Cassidy: A soft tremor shot ran down the length of his spine and a soft murmur slipped from his lips. His body wanted this so, so bad. It had been too long to feel such a connection with a female. Hell. With anyone. Perhaps it was that thought more than anything that controlled his hands. The strong fingers of his right hand caught the small and beautiful digits as they were en route to his waistband. His actions would most likely cause both of them pain... but it had to be done... "Reese... I..." His voice normally confident and undeniable faltered as he gazed into her eyes. He did not have a real answer for her. He wanted her. He could not express to her just how bad he wanted to do things to her that... well that was for 'adults' only. His fingertips held her touch softly as he gazed into her eyes with wide blue eyes. Words still could not leave his lips as he looked into her gaze. Ethan wanted to tell her that he wanted this to be longer than two nights. For Fucks sake! He wanted to shake her and tell her how much she was running through his mind already... His fingertips held her touch softly as he gazed into her eyes with wide blue eyes. Words still could not leave his lips as he looked into her gaze. Ethan wanted to tell her that he wanted this to be longer than two nights. For Fucks sake! He wanted to shake her and tell her how much she was running through his mind already... "Reese... I... Don't want this to be a single night..." The words fell from his lips in a rush. He continued to hold her gaze, before releasing her hand. His lips. Trembling red lines that touched softly to her own lips. It was soft, and full of the unknown... perhaps hope. "Call me... don't let this be our last time..." After that he moved toward the door. The gentle clanging of his dog tags following his bare footed and bare chested form.

Reese Morgan: Reese was so confused until Ethan had said that he didn't want this to be a single night. And here, she thought that he was going to leave her hanging after one night...then again, he had NO clue just how often he occupied her thoughts after their first introduction the night before. She watched as Ethan started to make his way to the door. Before she even realized it, she grasped his hand in hers. "I don't want you to leave...and I don't want this to be a one-night stand...that had never crossed my mind at all..." Reese said, her voice cracked a little, but not by much. The petite brunette looked down at the floor, forgetting that she was naked and bore all of her tattoos, minus her Arcane Protector mark, to this man. "For some odd make me feel--feel at ease and safe. I've never had a boyfriend before...but I--" Reese didn't know what to say to Ethan as the words were flying faster in her mind than it was being spoken. "I wouldn't mind seeing you often..." she said in a whisper as her gaze went back up on Ethan's eyes before they fell back to glancing at the floor.

Ethan Cassidy: The feeling of her fingers in his own grasp, froze his departure. But, it was her eyes and her words that cut through the muscles of his mind and the defensive of his heart. He stood there and listened to her... He turned his head to look deep into her eyes. There was no hate, no anger in that look. Was it in him? Had he been so long outside the wire that he had suspected everyone to be dangerous? Here was this female... Reese. She was naked to him in both body and soul, and was he just going to walk out on her? His heart rose to his throat. The military part of his mind normally so strong and in control of his body... faltered... it succumbed to the strength of his heart. In other words, it turned reins over to his heart for the night... All these thoughts hammered through his mind in a blink. But, what showed her that he had made up his mind was easy enough to understand. The firm squeeze of her had. And, the clatter of his jeans and belt to the floor.

Reese Morgan: Reese really didn't want Ethan to leave, so she pleaded with him to stay. But, it felt so natural...not another well-rehearsed line of persuasion. Her heart really felt like it was on cloud nine when she first laid eyes on Ethan. What he had told her earlier was true--there was more to this man than she thought. Her hand being squeezed and the clatter of his belt and jeans hitting the floor snapped her out of her thoughts as she looked up into Ethan's green eyes with a pair of amber brown orbs. She reached up to caress Ethan's cheek with her free hand, rubbing her thumb on his cheekbone again. "I--I really like you, Ethan...not to sound like a cliché and all..." Reese said sheepily, her smile slowly forming on her face.

Ethan Cassidy: The fingertips of his hand pulled her naked form against his naked chest. It was true that he was larger than her. That his arms enveloped her smaller frame as he wrapped her up in an intimate embrace. Gazing down into her beautiful face, his confident voice slipped from his red lips "No. Not cliché at all..." He pulled her closer. The rapid beat of his heart falling in rhythm of her own. With her body so close... he felt... he felt... He felt safe. So naked, and yet he felt so sure... and yet so out of control. No longer was there a worry for tomorrow, or the next day. Instead as he looked into her eyes, it was just this moment. This breath this... The crook of his right hand tilted her chin forward as his lips did the rest. He kissed her. Again.... and Again... and Again.

Reese Morgan: Reese moaned into the kiss as her free hand wrapped around Ethan's neck, grasping onto the nape of his neck as she deepened the kiss. She felt her heart beating fast and her body temperature rising from this lust--this desire--this NEED for human connection. She allowed her fingers to lock with his on the hand that was holding his, not wanting to let go.

Ethan Cassidy: He squeezed back, once... twice... and then is other hand slid down along the soft skin of her spine. Each finger tracing the individual bones following downward and downward. There was only one destination. The very tips of his fingers brushed the softest skin of her ass. Gentle. Delicate. And then rough. His fingers gripped upon her ass with a solid pinch. Even if Ethan seemed the Boy Scout type. He was definitely not.

Reese Morgan: Reese jumped as her ass was pinched, which her mouth opened to Ethan's tongue Her hands grasped Ethan's waist, squeezing them a bit before she walked them back to the bed slowly. Once her legs hit the edge of the bed, she smiled into the kiss and pulled, bringing her full weight and his to fall onto the bed.

Ethan Cassidy: To say that he had quick reactions would be to put it mildly, especially when his whole body was committed to a single action. The balls of his feet and the tips of his toes pressed into the soft rug along the floor to turn his hips. In the half a heart beat it took for them to touch the bed, he had turned their descent into an art. He pressed her back down against the bed and spread her legs to either side of his hips. His hands still grasped her own fingers as they rested on her slowly rising and falling chest. Leaning down over her bare chest, his dog tags dangled and traced across her skin as he gazed down into her eyes His voice was playful and teasing as he whispered warms words in the cold depths of her room. "So where are the whips and chains located?"

Reese Morgan: Reese laughed as she leaned up on her arms. "Now what made you think I got those lying around?" Reese asked as an eyebrow was raised. "However, I'm not revealing where I keep my handcuffs," she added with a twinkle in her eyes.

Ethan Cassidy: "Well, I guess I could use your socks and gag you..." His words were warm breaths along the side of her face. Once more his teeth nipped lightly at her cheek with a soft smile. "... I am quite creative..." The fingers of his left hand eased up between her breasts toward her chin. Tip-toeing slowly with each step of his fingertips. His fingers pressing at uneven times with warm pressure on her cold skin. Dragging his knuckles up along the front nape of her neck, as his thumb and index finger took a hold of her chin. "...The question is what kind of girl are you?"

Reese Morgan: "Wouldn't you like to know?" Reese smiled as she answered his question with a question. She felt her chest rise and fall with each finger tip-toeing on her skin. Her breath almost hitched as his fingers grasped her chin. Reese let her gaze roam on Ethan’s body, letting it linger slowly on each inch of his naked torso. Her smile grew as she let her wolf-like eyes meet with his green eyes.

Ethan Cassidy: "Yes... and what is that predatory gaze looking at?" He quipped as his lips found the side of her throat and gave it a healthy piece of his affection... The outside of his red lips sucking roughly upon her white skin. The distraction of his lips upon her neck gave opportunity for his right hand to sneak around unnoticed. With the knuckle of his right index finger and thumb, he hovered but a hair's breadth from her nipple. Not enough to give her evidence of what he was about to do... With a pinch he squeezed tightly upon her white nipple and pulled back on the soft piece of skin. He eased back until the little pink mountain tipped became almost rectangular.

Reese Morgan: Reese arched her back as Ethan began his attack on her neck. God, he had NO idea just what he was doing to--on second thought, he did as he pinched one of her nipples, allowing a moan to escape her lips loud enough to have her close her eyes in ecstasy. Her hands grip his biceps tightly as she mewed in pleasure. "Don't stop," she breathed out as she grasped Ethan’s biceps to where her knuckles nearly turned white.

Ethan Cassidy: His lips only lifted from her skin for a second, to breath hot words upon her wet neck. "...Oh, no?" He released her nipple, and the muscle slowly fell back. The nipple still hard from his torture. He spoke again, taking his time to exhale long breaths upon her skin. "There is so much of your body for me to 'explore' after all..." And then his teeth pulled at her skin, biting her a little more forcefully then just a gentle nip. The tips of his sharpened canines pinching rougher than his other teeth. Rougher, than any other 'normal' man might.

Reese Morgan: An open-mouthed gasp left her lips as Ethan bit her neck a little rougher than before. She could feel herself starting to get wet from all of Ethan's lips doing to her neck. She could hear her heart racing in her ears as she felt her breath quicken.

Ethan Cassidy: The nails of his left hand slid upon along her cheek and up through her hair. Twisting and spinning strands fell through his fingers as he gathered up a handful of her beautiful hair, and then pulled the opposite direction of his teeth. In his mind he could taste her perfume, and in turn he could taste her sweat. Ethan enjoyed her smell, and 'her'. He wanted to know to know all about her... And every inch of her body.

Reese Morgan: Another moan/gasp came from her lips to where it sounded like it was starting to sound like a cry Reese just wanted the teasing to end so that she could start on her own for him. So, tightening one leg around his waist, she used the leverage of her other leg to flip them over so that she straddles his hips, her hair creating a curtain around her face as she leaned down.

Ethan Cassidy: To say he was caught off guard would be a mild understatement. One moment he was in the dominant mounted position, listening to her moans and gasps. Feeling his own excitement rise in his chest... and in his boxers. Next thing he was slammed bodily onto the soft bed onto his back. His arms went out to the side, as his green eyes stared up at her beautiful form as it now straddled him. The image of her wild hair whipping around her beautiful face and her amazing breasts bouncing with each breath was an image that would stay locked in Ethan's mind forever. But, he was mounted... "Teasing too much for you, princess?" His cocky, almost sure-sounding voice testing the nickname, seeing how she would take it. Either as a direct challenge or as a good moniker.

Reese Morgan: At the use of the nickname, Reese tilted her head to the side. A smirk grew from the side of her mouth as her eyes twinkled again. "You have NO idea, il mio amante, il mio salvatore nel mio Adone." Reese smiled as she rocked her hips gently against his, wanting to see some sort of reaction from the small movement.

Ethan Cassidy: His skill on language could be counted on a single hand, but he got the gist from what she was saying. It was cute, it was loud, and if was perfect. He gazed toward her and still the moment caught him off guard. This beautiful woman. This time. This place. Him, most of all... "Well, if I’m your savior... then you are my damsel in distress... What shall I be saving you from tonight?" The cocky, sure-care grin returned to his lips as he leaned up towards her lips. He did not force her or push her as he bent at the waist and dangled but a few inches from her lips.

Reese Morgan: Reese only smiled as their lips were but a few inches from one another's. "Being alone, for the moment," Reese said as she gave him a peck on his lips. "For not leaving me like other guys would when they get to know me a bit better. For letting me be completely capable to switch from being the teased to the teaser."

Ethan Cassidy: "Well... For teasing, what can I say....I’m good at following orders..." A soft laugh escaped his lips as leaned closer a kissed her nose. His hands had quietly snuck around to either side of her butt, and squeezed with both palms to give her a small shock. And to remind her, that he was still quite capable to turning the tables as well. But, he gazed into her eyes, the sexual fever dissipating for a moment. The color of his dark green eyes seeming to lighten for a breath. He hesitated as he gazed into her beautiful eyes. "Tell me something... Something that know one else knows. Make this more than just about teasing... if only for a breath... a heart beat... let's make it more..."

Reese Morgan: Reese wasn't sure what Ethan meant by what he was saying, but kissed the corner of his mouth tenderly. What would she tell him that no one else knew about. "...I...I, a...I'm not who you think I am..." Reese started to say. "I was the oldest of three kids, had two amazing was good to me until a drunk driver killed my mom and baby brother and sister when I was 15." "It was hard for me to lose family like that at that age. I miss them everyday, no doubt, but it's not as bad as back then." She didn't know what had caused her to talk of her family, but she knew that talking about it helped with coping. "Errrr, I'm a hopeless romantic at best, so simple things I'll cherish the most--a simple text saying 'hi', a day in and just watching movies and TV in pajamas..."

Ethan Cassidy: She spoke of her parents, of their death... and to him, it hurt. It did not matter if one was a person, a family member, a soldier... death was ... was... wrong...Ethan's mom, god-rest her soul was... well she gone, she had put him into the military and that had been it. No contact. Next level of his life... And his father, well hell, he was just a picture that had been creased too many times. Sperm donors off more updated information. The only thing that he ever got from 'dear ol' dad' was the name Cassidy. He felt shame rise to his cheeks as he looked deep into her eyes. He could not stop himself even as the words began to spill from his lips, as they rested a few inches from her own, "A soft flower, should never cry. It should never wilt, nor should it ever hide. Always was it meant to shine, and smile. "Even as he offered the last smile, his knuckled finger found her chin and tilted her eyes to his level. With his cockiness gone, all that was left was the cool confidence. The voice that had come to her rescue the other night. "Smile for me Reese, smile for me..."

Reese Morgan: A soft smile graced her lips as Reese heard the words pour out of Ethan's lips, filling her with serenity and a calmness that was very soothing. She nodded her head as she gave him a peck on his lips "Now tell me something that no one knows about," Reese said as she breathed into Ethan, smelling his cologne, sweat, and a scent uniquely Ethan's.

Ethan Cassidy: Her quick and soft kiss on his lips still managed to catch him off guard It still seemed so much like something out of a movie. There they were lying on a bed, exchanging words and heart felt emotions... like they had been together for years... and not but hours. Had it really only been the other night, when he had been on his knee before her? "I'm a soldier... You probably already knew that...," he smiled softly as he stated the obvious. "... A male dedicated to his job to protect those around me with my life if need be... a lifer, as it were." A sigh escaped his lips as he looked away from her eyes for the briefest of seconds. A flash. It was so sudden and quick that it seemed like it did not happen as his eyes color changed from dark to light. "...That the closest link I have to a real family, I met yesterday at a Nordstrom after being alone for the better part of my life..."

Reese Morgan: Reese was silent as she heard Ethan spoke of him being a solider and meeting the closest link to family to him. She wasn't speaking, but at the same time, felt like she had known Ethan for longer than it really was. She nodded her head at that, her hair covering her face a bit. She blew at the strands that were covering her face, but failed as it kept covering her face; it eventually ended up leaving only a sliver of her cheek showing.

Ethan Cassidy: His gazed lightened up instantly as his fingers snaked before her face. They parted the strands like Moses parted the red sea, exposing his smiling face to her. "Trying to hide from me won't work... I'm well trained..." His lips met hers in a strong passionate embrace. It was the longest and hardest connection they had yet. Perhaps it was the delay in their kissing that caused such an embrace... That or the fact that his shoulders felt a little lighter from opening himself to someone else. To letting her expose some of his weaknesses. Either way, his mouth opened softly as they kissed and let her tongue into his own mouth. It danced softly with his and brought forth her taste. He melted to such a glorious thing.

Reese Morgan: Reese moaned into the kiss as she dug her fingers into Ethan's biceps, the time bomb that was dubbed 'Passion' exploded, allowing things to heat up in the room. After a few moments, Reese glided her hands down his side, hooking her thumbs at the waistband of his boxers, just awaiting for the 'ok' to go further in this game of seduction and desire.

Ethan Cassidy: Well... What to do, what to do? Besides the growing lump in his drawers, it was hard to hide the fact that he wanted her. Hell. Part of his mind wanted to do things violent and brutal... But then again those thoughts normally involved handcuffs, leather, and whipped cream... Ethan was still able to control his baser desires, even if they were starting to take control of his mind... second... by second... To let her know what he thought was alright... Well, he let his lips slide from her own thin red lines. Slow. Agonizingly slow pecks fell across her chin, and down along her neck. He kissed and massaged her soft flesh with his tongue at intervals. Letting the rough edges of his pink appendage drag across his soft skin. The warm touch of his saliva marking a trail that headed down and down. And, then suddenly his lips were but centimeters from the tip of her right nipple. Warm, hot and steamy breath falling across the pink mountain top. He opened his mouth and surrounded it with his teeth... but did not bite nor touch it. Ethan allowed the feeling of his mouth so close and yet so far do its work first...

Reese Morgan: At this point, Reese's mind was so far down the gutter, she had NO clue what else to pull out of her sleeve. She felt as though she had been bested at the game of seduction she was so deep in. But...there was that 'ace' she had up her sleeve. One of her hands went to go find the item that occupied the edges of what 'normal' mindset she had, smiling as she felt the coolness hit the pads of her fingers lightly. Grasping the item in her hand, she got one of them wrapped around Ethan's wrist, clicking it shut.

Ethan Cassidy: The noise caught him a little off guard. But, then again, he was not without his own methods. His teeth clamped down upon her nipple. The pink membrane grew red beneath his animal like canines. He could feel her shake underneath his embrace, but he released his grip slowly with a smile. Her nipple still quivering from his bite. His words were warm upon her breast and hinted with a smile. "Hmm... And what are you doing?"

Reese Morgan: Reese smiled, not revealing what she had in mind to Ethan "And what makes you think I'm going to tell you anything?" she asked as her grin got wider.

Ethan Cassidy: "Well at least there is no blindfold..." He smiled as his eyes seemed to glow a softer color. "That and the room is lit.” His coy, teasing voice purred like leather from his lips. He teased with his lips what she teased of the soft metal connected to his wrist. He was not going to be an easy lay.

Reese Morgan: "Hmmmm, I did have that somewhere here," Reese teased as she rolled over to her stomach and searched underneath the side of the bed that she was closer to. This new position allowed Ethan to look at her backside as she was distracted by the search for the blindfold.

Ethan Cassidy: His eyes glowed a harsh bright green hue. His heart racing in his chest as he could not unglue his eyes from the view of her back. The curve of her spine running like an arrow down towards her beautifully designed ass. He could not stop himself. She had one of his hands hooked and yet it left the other to roam free. His fingers to sweep along the front of her smooth stomach. There was not hesitation on where they were going. He had tasted her lips, and was hungry for the rest of her body. Hooking his hands along the inner part of her hips. He did not touch her, not yet. Just warm fingertips hover alongside of her warm spot.

Reese Morgan: Reese hiss through her teeth as she felt Ethan's hands on the inner part of her thighs. She could have sworn that she was seeing stars at this point--good god, this was going to be harder than she thought. She looked over her shoulder; her hair covered one side of her face. "And, I should be asking what you're doing," Reese said, lust laced into the words.

Ethan Cassidy: And there his hand stayed. He never touched her womanhood, at least not with his fingers. The thoughts that caused his heart to race in his chest were a different story. They wanted him to grab her and do things to her body and her soul. To give her reasons to remember his name, his face, his penis...and, yet he did not move. He let his hand stray that close and still just held himself. Every fiber of his being screamed for him to just give in to his baser desires. To throw care into the wind. Embrace the demon, for what it was...but not tonight. Not now. And not if she was something worth special to him. It was the reason that his hands eased away from her body. That with his strong digits that he turned her to face him once more. No longer was the lustful gaze in his bright green gaze, but one of cool understanding. To give into his wants and his needs would give him nothing. Wild and crazy sex might please his baser desires...but it would not help calm the raging soul inside his body. It would not brush away those thoughts of powers and danger that still touched at the base of his mind. It would only make them seem more dangerous. What he wanted and what he needed was hope. Perhaps it was friendship. Maybe it was family. But, for now, all he wanted was not to be alone. Not to be just another guy and her not to be just another woman. He needed her to be Reese; a special woman who brought happiness to his life. And for him...he needed to be Sgt. Cassidy--he needed to be himself. He gazed into her beautiful eyes and nodded softly once to stop her from speaking. There were no need for words as they locked gazes. Tomorrow, there would be time for words. Now...for now......He kissed her softly. Ethan Cassidy, soldier...Christian...male...freak...friend--pulled her tenderly close and let their bodies melt to one. And, let their hearts connect; their souls calm, And for a time, his worries to disappear.

Reese Morgan: Reese felt confused as to what Ethan was doing to her...but, she was sorta glad at the same time, since she was a little nervous as to what might have happened if Ethan and her went all the way. Reese felt a soothing sense of being when Ethan looked upon her with soft eyes. Perhaps this was exactly what her roommates and friends from High School were talking about when it came to a deeper understanding of love. She felt so...'alive' when it came to being with Ethan, even if it had been just a day ago that the two had met. Her hand caressed the side of his face as she returned the soft kiss with one of her own. She pulled back and gave Ethan a soft smile, telling him know, without words, that she was ok with what was going on at the moment.

Ethan Cassidy: And so, he guided her slowly towards the waiting bed. The sheets were dark in color and the lighting of the room made them seem that much more like a waiting ocean; ready to swallow up their forms. He eased her down first before laying down beside her. Their legs interlocked of their own accord. Tonight was not a pair of star struck teens looking for some pleasure. It was not like a couple who were conisdering putting it that much further. It almost was like a married couple. Their hearts one. Their thoughts one. And tonight. Just a solid night together.

Reese Morgan: Reese yawned, not realizing how exhausted she felt. She allowed Ethan to ease her down before covering the two of them up with the bedsheets. She automatically placed her head on his shoulder and wrapped an arm around his waist as she closed her eyes. It wasn't long before she fell asleep, her breathing evening it out softly against Ethan's chest.
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