003: Sins of the Father

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003: Sins of the Father

Post  admin_ronnie on Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:16 pm

Characters: Nicholas Bennett, Ebony Savoy, Brett Teague, Morie Sasaki, Vincent Cesario, Daemon Schmidt
When: October 8, 2010 - 10 PM, EST.
Where: Long Island, New York

Summary: After the successful attack on the Ashford Manor, Nicholas Bennett leads the other Leopold Hunters to New York to regroup with Ebony Savoy and her team. The base is located in what appears to be an abandoned church. In the basement of the Holy building lies a secret door that will lead to a series of rooms filled with equipment and other necessities. The property had belonged to the Edict for centuries as it remained their foothold in the American country. With the arcanists running to Seattle, the Leopolds will have to discover some way to track and find them further.

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Re: 003: Sins of the Father

Post  Morie Sasaki on Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:04 pm

Morie Sasaki was new to this. She'd been training for years, just as long as everyone else had. Having just turned 20 quite recently, she was just let out of the training facility in Vatican City. She was ready to get going on hunting. She wanted to kill the Shadowkind, she wanted to harm the Arcanists. They were all enemies, to her and to everyone. They were all part of it - all part of this dark and disturbing world that took away parents from little girls, and leaves them homeless, alone, and in some cases, bloodthirsty doused with an obsession for revenge. The fact that she had not gone on the mission with Ebony's team to infiltrate one of the Arcanists' houses had only mildly irritated Morie. That was probably a very delicate mission and Morie did not have the experience quite yet to do something that intense. Just because she was anxious and dedicated did not mean she was the right choice for that particular mission. She knew that.

Didn't mean she couldn't still be just very slightly annoyed with it.

But she was getting along with her team quite well. Nicholas Bennett was a good leader. She was seeming to fit in well. The little Asian girl kept quiet, as was in her nature. Today, as she waited in the stuffy basement of the abandoned church, she wore her hair up in a messy bun. A few loose strands kept falling from its place behind her ear, and she constantly was lifting a hand to brush them back behind her ears. Lips that were constantly pouty only wore a little bit of lip balm to keep them moist, she had very little need for lipstick. Eyes were lightly lined with black liner and mascara, and cheeks were ever so softly blushed. Her soft, ivory colored skin stood out in the darkness of the basement. The American-born Japanese-girl tapped her foot gently on the floor as she sat in a chair backwards, legs sprawled out on either side of the back of the chair. She got up, pacing back and forth in the small room, chestnut eyes glancing from one person to the other.

"So... what now?" Her voice was surprisingly soft and very unassuming. It almost put you at ease - like she was about to serve tea or give you a massage or something, not whip out a gun and shoot you the second she felt you might be part of the shadowkind's world, or like you got in the way of her eternal obsession with revenge. "Are we going to be waiting much longer? Not that I'm complaining." She felt compelled to say, wanting to make sure these new people did not immediately peg her has an annoyance. "Just a tiny bit antsy is all."
Morie Sasaki

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