Russian roulette

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Russian roulette

Post  Viktor Kroman on Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:52 pm

Characters: Viktor Kroman , Savannah Lively
When: A couple of weeks before the families move into Azoth Manor. But after meeting Savannah at The Occulterium bookstore
Where: Club Mint
Summary: When a lethal game of Russian roulette gets out of hand it's up to Savannah Lively to save the day for Viktor Kroman. Or are things not always what they appear to be? The two Arcanists will be reunited once again only this time it's more than just fate.

Russian roulette (Russian: Русская рулетка, Russkaya ruletka) is a potentially lethal game of chance in which participants place a single round in a revolver, spin the cylinder, place the muzzle against their head and pull the trigger. "Russian" refers to the supposed country of origin, and roulette to the element of risk-taking and the spinning of the revolver's cylinder being reminiscent of spinning a roulette wheel. It was a game of chance and luck but for Viktor Kroman it was a game he didn't fear. Death was often associated with the necromancy kin. But this was starkly different; this was playing with death, practically inviting it in.

"Давай, Виктор, нажать на спусковой крючок!" (Come on, Viktor, pull the trigger!) The gruff voice urged patiently as Luka paced like a caged lion, waiting his turn. His crystal-blue eyes staring at the middle Kroman. The wall clock in the back of the VIP lounge clicked away the seconds. Viktor's stoic expression forever engraved into his pale, handsome face. Long, thin index finger curled around the trigger. Viktor knew the bullet wasn't really there, he trusted his instincts. His sister taught him such unique, dark gifts. But psychologically he liked toying with his friend, Luka. The two had been friends since he was a mere child. But the cranky and overbearing Russian wasn't an Arcanist, just a mere human. But none the less Viktor guided the muzzled against his head. Luka stared wide-eyed as a click was heard. "Дерьмо!" (Shit!) cried Luka who knew his turn was next as Viktor walked over to him.

"What's the matter are you scared?" Viktor teased his oldest friend with a firm slap on the back. While Russian was his first language Viktor also spoke English fluently. His native tongue was usually spoken in his mother country or around his family. Cold-icy eyes glared his way as Viktor moved to the leather couch leaning against the wall. "You're an asshole, Kroman!" Spat Luka whose shined black shoes carried him to the center of the large VIP lounge. A chuckle trembling Viktor's chest as the lights bathed down onto his black silk shirt and matching vest. No suit tonight as this was a club after all. One leg crossed over his onyx dress pants as he watched closely. A faint five o'clock shadow traced the strong line of Viktor's jaw. At least three other men in the room waiting anxiously for their turn.

Thick fingers coiled around the clear shot glass filled with vodka. Viktor's dark blue eyes staring at it before he threw it back. The burn relaxing him as he grabbed a sour piece of cucumber to chase the drink. It was a tradition for anyone in Russia to eat something with their vodka. Placing the glass down onto the crystal table in front of him, Viktor's eyes challenging his friends. "Pull the trigger, Luka." His voice calm and confident as it carried easily across the room. The others in the room playing a game of pool in the room.

The echo of a trigger was heard as Luka sighed with relief. Placing the gun to another guy in the room. The tall, athletic blonde walked over to sit beside Viktor. "You got lucky." Viktor spoke more firmly as his head turned to the side. His midnight hair slicked back this time. "Фигня!" (Bullshit). As each person in the room took their turn the click of an empty gun was heard until all eyes turned back to Viktor accusingly. "He didn't put a bullet in it!" Roared a robust male in the back. Luka's eyes turned quickly to his friend. "Is this true, Viktor?" Thick Russian accent spoke through English words.

Viktor stood up as he snatched the gun from his friend. Opening the chamber to reveal no bullet was inside. A horde of disgruntled curses and grunts were executed. In seconds Luka was on his feet as he stepped up to Viktor. "You know the price of this game." He sneered as he glared at his friend. Viktor watched as he was surrounded by his 'friends' in seconds. Like a pack of lions surrounding a piece of meat. Rage mirroring in their eyes as Viktor looked to his right before one of the smaller men threw a punch at the Necromancer. It landed with bitter accuracy as Viktor's head snapped back. A bruise would surely form on his right cheek. His long legs slide across the floor as he ducked another punch. But it was Luka who surprised him by tackling him as he was half-way out of the VIP lounge. The two collapsing to the floor with a thud. "Get off me, Luka!" Irritation flashing through Viktor's eyes as he tried to fight off his friend who outweighed him by 50 pounds of muscle.

"Нет!" (No!) Viktor's fist curled into a ball before he threw a deadly punch into his friend's throat. The impact vicious as Luka fell backwards as he choked and gasped for air. Tears threatening to escape from the human. Viktor struggled to get to his feet when a leather boot struck the side of his lip. It felt like a rattlesnake bit him in the lip as blood wept from his mouth. The warm liquid spilled down onto the floor as he shook the dizziness from his head. He couldn't take them all on and it was risky to use his powers in public unless attacked by shadowkind. Viktor's leg snapped into the calf of his friend's leg as he howled in pain. "Get the bastard!"

What originally turned out to be a friendly game was now turning into a scuffle. If Viktor didn't get out of their soon he'd be beaten to a bloody pulp. Little did he know the sassy girl he had met a week ago would intervene once more into his life? And this time it was fate that intervened.

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Re: Russian roulette

Post  Savannah Lively on Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:59 pm

Places like Club Mint usually weren't Savannah's scene; the crowds usually made her feel a little out of place and she hardly knew what to do there. Still, a group of girls she'd become friends with wanted to go out and they needed a designated driver. Savvy very well could have declined, but it would have weighed on her conscience like crazy. Odd as she felt, though, she didn't want to be a total killjoy, so she sat with one friend at the bar while the others dances, sipping rather contentedly at a virgin pina colada.

"You know," she spoke around her straw, light eyes shifting over to look at Kiley, the girl next to her. "This actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's nice when you can kinda watch from a distance, you know?"

The brunette next to her flashed a wide smile. "Told you! Too bad you're the DD though... I would love to see you drink."

In response to that, Savannah just offered a casual, though somewhat nervous laugh, taking a long sip from her drink and inaudibly mumbling something along the lines of Oh, no you don't...

Savvy was happy with just getting to dress up a little and walk around feeling cool. She hadn't been entirely sure what to wear, so she'd decided to be a total teenager and let her friends dress her. In the end, they'd all agreed on a one-sleeved emerald mini dress and simple black heels. She was feeling a little self-conscious in it for a while, but as the night progressed it bothered her less. Besides, it really could have been a lot worse.

"I wonder how long they plan on staying though," Savannah mumbled, tipping her head back to look at the high ceiling. Was she bored already? Well... maybe just a little bit. She tried not to show it too much for the sake of her friends, but hopefully they weren't planning on making this an all-night thing...

"I don't really... oh my God," Kiley cut herself off, suddenly sounding astonished by something. Savvy looked toward her friend first, her expression asking what the deal was, but when she discovered that she wouldn't get an answer she just followed the girl's gaze. What she saw stunned her enough to make her breath catch a little.

"Oh my God," she echoed her friend's words, though she rose to her feet and took a few steps in the direction of the brawl that was breaking out. It was hard to see amongst the sea of people surrounding him, but she could have sworn that, just for a second, she'd heard Viktor's familiar voice. Squinting to see around the other people that were trying to see what was going on, too, she saw him in what was clearly not a fair match.

"Hey!" Savannah wasn't the most confrontational person, but she wasn't content with the idea of standing around while someone faced such unlikely odds--especially when that someone was a friend of hers. She didn't really have a plan as she took hurried steps in the direction of the fight--she was considerably smaller than everyone involved and hadn't ever hit anyone in her life--but she had to do something.

"What are you doing? Get off of him!" She could hear her friend shout out to get the hell away from them; while that might have been a good idea, it was probably too late by then. Savannah pushed at whichever guy was nearest to her; it didn't really do much. If he moved back at all, it was probably because he was shocked at some random redhead coming out of nowhere. At the very least, she caught some attention. "What, do you think that anything about this is even remotely fair?" Even when she was upset, Savannah hardly sounded it. It was hard for her to try to be intimidating. "I'm sure whatever you're angry about can't be that serious, so maybe you should just back off." She tried to put her mean face on, but she only really succeeded in looking irritated at the most. Would that end up working? Oh, she really hoped so... she didn't have many other tricks up her sleeve.

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