A Chance Meeting [IM RP Log]

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A Chance Meeting [IM RP Log]

Post  Alexis Lively on Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:33 pm

Who: Carter Mitchell and Alexis Lively
Where: A Coffee shop in Manhattan
When: A few months before everyone moves to Azoth

Summary: By chance, Alexis Lively and Carter Mitchell both take their lunch break and run to a coffee shop - one in close proximity to their work places. Upon entering, Alexis knows she's going to see someone from her past. Little did she suspect it would be one of the Arcane families members...

Carter: :: It was now 11:30 as Carter was walking from the Avante Garde Gallery on the lower west side of Manhattan. He'd have an hour lunch break, which wasn't much time in a city like this. He hurried across the street on his way to a local coffee shop that was nearly two blocks away from the gallery. His dark gray tie flapping in the breeze as he jogged through the sea of people, all doing the same thing as he. His well polished shoes pock, pock pocking against the concrete sidewalk under his feet. Just ahead of the coffee shop as she slowed his pace and even paused to look over his features in the reflection of the glass store fronts that passed by. He'd look around the street before pulling open the door and stepping in line. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he rubbed the silver plated watch on his wrist before checking the time. Then looked around to see if he saw anyone he knew. The person in front of him had a little girl with pink bows in her hair, Bright blue eye staring at him from over her mother shoulder. Carter couldn't help but smile at the child. Even the young ones couldn't help but be enthralled with the man. Know as Carter Mitchell. He thought with a chuckle:: " Ohh I don't think so..." the girl child would get excited and hop in the arms of her mother, who would glance over her shoulder to see what had caught her daughters attention. Oh.. hello.." the woman said to Carter, who smiled back at her and then turned his attention to the black chalk board that had a hand written menu on the face. The woman's words were heard as he looked over each item:: " I think my daughter likes you..." His brow lifted as he looked back at her:: " excuse me..? he said politely:: " the woman giggled as she turned to face him:: I... said I think she likes you..." Carter would look over the young mother. But didn't say what he was thinking. " Yes... yes they all do sooner or later. He smiled and said:: " She's adorble... what's her name..? " Ashely... the woman quickly responded. Chewing nervously on her lower lip. " Hi Ashely.. I'm Carter Mitchell.." The woman's eyes brightened upon hearing his name.:: " She says it's a pleasure to meet you.." Carter knew what she meant by that. and smiled.(d

Alexis: Alexis Lively was a sight to behold. Slender body, tall but not too tall. Fair, freckled skin, and that shocking red hair. Normally Alexis wasn't the kind of girl who dressed up - but her job at one of the esteemed mental institutions in New York required a more professional dress than dirty old chucks and a hoodie. So she wore a pair of black flats, blue jeans and a long sleeved black sweater-shirt. Well covered, since showing too much skin could cause provocation at a mental institution and all. She didn't wear any sort of jewelry, just a bight of mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss and her hair let down in giant, red curls. It was her coffee break as well - she got a little over an hour for her lunch break between clients and group therapy, and decided like many other days to visit the coffee shop only a block away. The walk was short, she fished out a few dollars from her jeans and went to cross the threshold between the sidewalk and the busy coffee shop. Her eyes went unfocused for a moment and she paused in the doorway, clearly having a vision of something if anyone were to look closely. When her eyes refocused she groaned al ittle and stepped inside. Inside the coffee shop, she was going to see someone from her past. Her vision hadn't said who, but it was going to be someone... She glanced around, trying to see who it was, and perhaps avoid them if it was necessary. As she stepped in the light behind the man in a nice business suit type dress, she was still looking when she heard the name. "Carter Mitchell? In New York?" Hadn't they moved or something? Alexis had been wrong before - and besides, it'd been ages since she'd checked up on that family. It was true - ever since she was pretty young her family had told her not to bother with the other Arcanists. That their own safety was more important. "Well well well..." She muttered, wondering if he even remembered who she was. Was the last time they'd even seen eachother was when they were kidnapped?

Carter: :: The woman about to give Carter her name when he looked over the woman's shoulder and smiled:: " Um... your up.." The woman with the child looked at him quizzically:: " I'm sorry? she asked. " Carter smiled and gave a gesture with his hand. " Your next in line.. " Oh.." the woman gave him a sheepish grin and turned to give her order to the person behind the counter. Then Carter heard the voice behind him making that muttered comment. Turning out his shoulder he would see to Alexis for a moment and then look back to the woman in front of him. His brow lift in that same manner that always seal the deal his head spun back as he looked to Alexis.. I'm sorry.. Do I....." then shook it off as a coincidence before turning back. (d

Alexis: She had to roll her eyes. Why was that woman so enchanted with him? In fact, why were all women so in to the Mitchell family? It was kind of ridiculous. Every time she heard anything, there was something about women and Carter, Lorelei and Gavin. It was ridiculous, really. Though, this was coming from a girl who only ever had one relationship, and that had ended badly. It was hard to get into a relationship with anyone when you knew it was going to end, anyway. When Carter ignored her she assumed he didn't recognize her entirely. "Yes, Carter, we know each other." She said, taking a little step forward since the line had gotten shorter. "Alexis Lively." She said, allowing a moment for her name to ring a bell in that thick skull of his.

Carter: His eyes were the size of quarters when she spoke her name reassuring him that they indeed knew each other. He swallowed before turning back to her:: " Alexis.... i can't believe it's really you....how... nice it is to see you. " he wondered what she was doing here in New York as he asked. Almost moving into a brief hug as he stepped towards her and then dropped his hands to his side as he reached up and ran a hand through his short cut hair. " It's been a long time to say the least... how are you anyway..? " After the woman with the little girl finished her order she would glance back at Carter seeing he was engaged with another woman. She's tsk her lips as she looked over the red haired woman. She being a blonde took her for compitition and shook her head as she walked to a table with her order. (d

Alexis: A little smirk crossed her lips when his eyes got all big at the recognition. She supressed a giggle, especially when she saw the look on the other womans face. Competition? Please. Returning her attention back to Carter she responded, "It's nice to see you as well. I live in New York, actually. I lived in California when I went to Stanford, but I moved back two years ago. I'm a Psychiatrist." Made sense, really. "And you should probably order your drink, since you only have an hour before you have to be back at the Gallery." This was one of the main reasons people didn't like Alexis. That whole knowing thing. Kind of annoying, actually.

Carter: He arched his brow and was about to say " How did you..." Uh nevermind he said to himself not that helped either the damn girl knew everything didn't she. " he smile and cleared his throat as he went to place his drink order, waiting there he leaned on the counter and looked back at her in conversation:: " Stanford huh.. Not bad... " he nodded and said:: " I've been here all along well wince you know.. :: That whole thing went down:: " I'm working for an art dealer.. You probably heard of him too.. Roland Laurant...? He owns The Avante Garde galleries down the street.. " gesturing in that direction.. I haven't seen the others in quite awhile. I have an apartment on the other side of town.. he gave a shrug, she probably knew that too. " Maybe you and I could garb a bite to eat some night if your not busy... trying fix peoples brains.." (d

Alexis: She did know most everything. She tried not to use it all the time, but it was hard. There was so much information in her brain at all times, she just wanted to get it out. After he placed his order, she placed hers, and paid. The two were standing next to where the drinks would be placed after they were made. Finally she replied. "I have heard of him, actually. I haven't gotten much of a chance to go look at the gallery, though. I love art, but it's so difficult to find the time..." She worked nearly all the hours an art galleryw as ever open. Before she could reply about going to get dinner, their drinks were up. She grabbed hers, holding it lightly in one slender hand. "I haven't seen the others in quite some time, either. Lorelei and I used to correspond but, not in years..." She said that a little longingly, looking for once as if the Diviners, known for their resistance in associating with the other families, missed speaking with her. "About dinner... Well, I'm off around 5 or 6 every night, so, when you have the time, so do I." She smiled, eyes flickering a moment as she touched his shoulder. "You're free tomorrow night, are you not?"

Carter: " Uhh..... " he lifted the well manicured brow of his and smirked:: As a matter of fact.. I am.. an aquiantance of mine had to cancel our meeting so... yeah we should exchange numbers er something.." he took his drink as well and took a soft sip from the styafoam cup and said " Your right down the street at the hospital aren't you..? " I could meet you there..If you'd like? " (d

Alexis: The wallet she carried around with her was retrieved the back pocket of her jeans. She pulled out a business card, the one from the hosptial he was referring to, actually, and borrowed a pen from the counter to write down her cell phone number on it. "Yes, I am at that hospital. Just about a block away and I'll be there tomorrow as well, so that would work out quite well. Here's my number. I'm usually too busy to pick up phone calls, texts are better." She handed the card over to him, and produced a brilliant smile. "It'll be nice to reconnect a bit. It's been so long since I've spoken with any of you..."

Carter: taking the card from her he held it between two slender but firm fingers and read the number before slipping it into the inside pocket of his suit. It has.... " he pursed his lips in a brief smile as his thought went to the past. A light sigh was made as he looked at her for a moment. "Anyway.. I'm looking forward to it..." His hand would then each out and lightly brush the sleeve of her shirt as he started to move passed her with his drink in hand:: (d
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