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Hello from the Moderators!

The reboot has been a success and we're almost ready to start recruiting. We will inform you when the group is officially open once more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. Your concerns and questions are appreciated!

Alchemy is an AOL group storyline that was established in 2007. Alchemy is more than a single storyline; it’s a gathering of experienced writers looking for an outlet for their creativity. We’ve taken the route of using a message board to continue pursuing our craft while maintaining our busy lives. Members testimonials can be found here.

The Premise

The war between good and evil has raged on since the beginning of time. Shadowkind have crossed over from the Arcane plane to haunt the material plane; the world’s only salvation has rested within the families who were bestowed gifts from the Ancient Ones in order to protect mankind. These families have fought Shadowkind with their abilities for centuries, though with each generation the battle escalated and became more severe. The year is 2010, and the elders have crossed over the veil into the shadow realm in order to defeat them.

Following the traditions of the bloodlines, the survival of the families rested upon the eldest shoulders. Pulled away from their lives, a heavy responsibility fell on the children of the Arcane; it was up to them to protect what was left. They fought and subdued the Shadowkind with their magical abilities; and though they thought the war was slowly trickling down to an end, they found out just how wrong they were. The monsters were becoming stronger, more aggressive. They began to emerge in the realm in greater numbers. The Leopolds, humans working for the Vatican, were advancing. Separated, the individual families could not survive but together they had a chance. One by one, each family would make their way towards the Azoth Manor in Seattle. The Manor was the power center for the arcane families, as old and as ancient as the mana running through their veins.

With no clear direction in sight, it is up to the combined efforts of the young arcanists to prove their worth in a world of chaos. One false move could be the difference between survival and extinction. In the years past, each arcane family has only been concerned with their own domain, but now they would have to learn to work together.
The icons used for the topics and ranks are from the GANT icon collection created by the amazingly talented, Paul Davey. All Rights are reserved by him. The icons found on my site are in no way for sale or are available for distribution through me. Any interest in his work should be directed to him or his deviant page. Alchemy is a non-profit community of role-players and story writers. The site itself is hosted on Forumotion. The characters in this forum are purely fictional. Any similarities between them and real individuals are purely coincidental. The Fortunate Isles Penthouse map is an edited version of the Penthouse map created by the skilled cartographer Robert Lazzaretti and made available in the Urban Arcana resource book available from Wizards of the Coast. Therefore the rights are retained by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. We thank all of these talented sources for providing material that has inspired us to further develop wonderful stories that entertain us and help us develop as creative individuals. The images depicting the Shadowkind are © their respective owners. All images can be found on deviant art. We do not gain any monetary benefit from the use of the manipulations. The Alchemy SL was originally the creation of Matthew Reynolds and admin_mina, and we thank the two for sharing their creative minds with us and allowing us to play in a world that they thought up. The graphics that are currently up, including the main banner, belong to admin_ronnie while the images of the Kreelocks, belong to Matthew Reynolds. Yet again, we express our thanks.


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