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Post  admin_jared on Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:12 pm

One thing that helps keep a storyline fresh and innovative is suggestions from the very members that help bring it life. If you have any suggestions that you’d like to offer to help Alchemy advance, please suggest them below! We’d love to hear all of your ideas.

If you’d like to suggest a bigger plotline that you’d like to keep secret, you can contact me or another admin, and we’ll keep the plot under wraps so that everyone will be surprised as it unravels!

What kind of Shadowkind creatures would you like to see in the SL? I'm currently choosing which ones to include! I hope to have an expanded demonology for us all to use, but if you have some specific ones that you'd especially like to see, let me know!

Any plot ideas? If you have a suggestion for a plot point that you'd like to explore with your character (that you can't do in a simple Supplement thread), and it will affect everyone, let us know! We love running the SL for you all, and we'd love hearing things that you would like to see played out!

Spells? Keep in mind that you're allowed to make your own spell as long as it's okayed by one of the admins! We encourage you to do so if you want, and if it's accepted, we'll add it to the wiki for documentation!

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